Landlord’s Insurance



Landlords need specific landlord insurance

Normal home insurance isn’t designed for landlords and their rental properties so may not pay for claims such as burst water pipes or accidental damage caused by tenants.
This means YOU could end up spending money putting things right if something goes wrong.
To ensure you are fully protected, it is recommended that you purchase landlord insurance, which provides the right protection and additional cover you need as standard.

Standard landlord insurance includes:

A range of protection including buildings cover as well as public and property owners’ liability up to £2m.
Contents only cover for landlords with leasehold properties, such as flats, where the buildings insurance may already be arranged by a freehold management company.
Alternative accommodation costs following an insured event, for example a flood or fire (up to 20% of the rebuild value of your property).
Glass and locks replacement.
Accidental damage to your property.

Public liability

Protection in the event your tenant claims against you for an injury, and you are found to be legally liable. This will cover costs associated with legal action.
Why do you need public liability insurance?
It’s your responsibility to make sure that your tenants are as safe as possible when they’re at one of your rental properties.  Accidents can happen and that’s where having public liability insurance comes in. As a landlord it protects you against claims made by tenants for damage to their property or personal injury arising from incidents connected with your rental property.  If one of your tenants makes a claim against you, and you are found to be legally liable. Public liability insurance will cover the following costs associated with legal action:

Without it you could be in for an expensive time.

Employers’ liability

Protection in the event an employee claims against you for an injury caused in the course of their employment.
As well as increasing many of the above limits you can extend cover to include:
Landlords’ contents insurance, including those contained within communal areas.
Loss of rent following an insured event.

Landlord’s Rent Guarantee

Protecting your investment. Do you ever worry that your tenant may struggle to pay their rent?
Despite being very careful when selecting your tenant, unexpected problems can still happen.  Landlord’s Rent Guarantee will help to ease your financial burden whilst the problems are resolved.  This insurance will cover the cost of legal fees should you need to evict your tenant whilst also making a payment to you to cover lost rent for a predetermined number of months.  You may be in the unfortunate position of having a tenant who is unable to pay their rent for a variety of reasons.

Not only might you suffer a shortfall in rental income you may also incur legal costs if a tenancy agreement is breached. Disputes can happen between landlords and tenants for a number of reasons and if legal action is necessary to resolve the issues, it can be costly.

Letting a residential property presents its own unique set of challenges. Whether you are covering the building or the belongings within, as a residential landlord or buy-to-let owner you’ll be concerned with getting the right cover for your property or portfolio.